As loyal customers continue to choose us and more new customers are captivated by our products is mainly because we do not give up on maintaining the highest quality, for any reason.


Learning from the techniques of masters of Salumi, the products are sliced from the whole piece with a slow and delicate cut and are placed directly in the packaging strictly by hand and arranged in ruffled slices.


Every request is met: measures, weight, labelling and composition of packaging to make a unique product, just like each consumer.


Technology allows us to improve, raising the level of quality. This is the case of Devodier patents, such as the Luxury case and multi-layer MAP packaging.


The typical products of Parma, skilfully sliced and laid by hand in trays under modified atmosphere to better preserve all their authentic flavours.

Discover our patents

Astuccio Luxury Dolceparma Devodier

Luxury Case

Designed to best preserve the premium-quality cold cuts, this particular Luxury case is an exclusive patent and a source of pride of the Devodier company. The cardboard packaging, with a refined design, gives prestige to the product, illustrating its quality, history and origin.

Multistrato Dolceparma Devodier

Multi-layer ATM

Each slice of our ham has a soft and natural consistency, as it was just cut, thanks also to the special high-grammage packaging made in a protected atmosphere. The use of sheets to divide several layers of product allows to have up to 500g of cold cuts without relinquishing the quality of the hand-placed ruffled slices of cold cuts.

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