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We have been working for generations to transform
each of our products into a masterpiece of taste

"Devodier ham was born from an ancient tradition handed down from generation to generation. We have always striven for excellence, to create a unique ham everyday with its characteristic aroma and quality."


Devodier Salumi are born from the encounter between a unique territory, such as Parma’s, and a passion for excellence that our family has instilled in decades of work

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High care Line

From the tradition and mastery of Devodier and through the collaboration with the best breeders of our supply chain, the High-Care lines are born, which put the welfare of animals and people at the heart of their production.

High care Line
Alta Tutela Devodier

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The typical products of Parma, skilfully sliced and laid by hand in trays under modified atmosphere to better preserve all their authentic flavours.

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100% Quality

Part of a unique territory... part of an ancient tradition.


"The production of our ham is constantly evolving, it grows and improves with us."

Parma and its territory

The culinary tradition in Parma deepens its roots in history.

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Gambero Rosso

Devodier Ham 30 months

Gambero Rosso

Culatta Devodier

One of the 4 best
Italian Food Products

Intesa San Paolo & Mercato Metropolitano

Salume Award Tre Fette
Gambero Rosso

Dry-cured Devodier Shoulder

Italy’s Excellence
Guide L’Espresso 2013

Devodier Ham 24 Moons

First ham
on the guid “Il Golosario”

always on it since then

Top Italian Food Experience
Gambero Rosso

Devodier Hams