Every masterpiece originates from the sacred fire of its creator. This extends from art, sculpture, architecture and all the way to the art of gastronomy. We are not simply a company, Devodier is a family: throughout generations, we work to transform each and every one of our products into a masterpiece of flavour. Technique, territory, raw materials, and experience are vital, but what really makes our products stand out is our love for this noble and ancient practice: this is the special ingredient that makes our Salumi unique.

mosaic chi siamo

without Compromise

Creativity and experience are the basic elements of a detailed and careful process that ensures the excellence of every product that leaves our cellars. Every processing step originates from the combination of tradition that has been in our family from generations and the use of the best techniques for processing and preserving Salumi. Quality is part of our service too, with thanks to a quick and reliable organisation capable of pleasing the most demanding customers anywhere in the world. Continuously growing sales volumes show that our philosophy is recognised and appreciated: working with love and passion is the sustainable force of our success.

mosaic chi siamo

A traditional
yet forward thinking company

It has been many years since our company laid its first stone. It has been an on-going evolution that has stayed true to our artisanal family’s basic principles. Today, the company Devodier boasts two factories: the historical Lesignano de' Bagni, where the fresh product is worked and the beating heart of the cellars still gives character to the hams we produce; and the new plant Pilastro di Langhirano, where the interleaved slicing happens using the best cutting-edge high quality techniques. While trying to uphold the respect that distinguishes us, we must also consider the environment. This is why we have installed a large photovoltaic system that cuts down emissions, a solar plant that heats water for sanitation and washing, and we have covered the roof with insulating panels to save significant amounts of energy. Being "green" is in our nature.


Our careful and rigorous work has allowed us to gain the BRC and IFS certifications, the SMETA 2-Pillar Ethics Certification, the Italian Legality Rating, as well as the major export qualifications (including USA, Japan and Australia) that impose the strictest food control and security systems.