Devodier “Ancient Cellars”

A sweet tale to be told at the table.


Devodier originates from a century-old tradition in salumi-making and is one of the most ancient salumi companies in Parma.
For generations, we have worked to transform each and every one of our products into a masterpiece of flavour. Creativity and experience are the core elements of a detailed and careful process that ensures the excellence of each Devodier product. Our ham is the result of the mix of a region with an extraordinary climate, the historic passion of this region for salumi and the love the family has infused, over decades of work, into each product-originating exclusive collectionsin terms of quality and safety, appreciated by customers and gourmets. A true passion for quality in all areas, supported by a strong commitment to sustainability.


Explore the different levels of intensity of “Ancient Cellars”: from 24 to 36 months of curing.
In this tasting box, you’ll find a trio of products awarded by culinary critics, expressing three aspects of the Devodier ham in order of increasing intensity.

The “Ancient Cellars”, cured in authentic ancient environments, originates from the passion of a family in Parma, involved in the local cured meats industry for generations. Enjoying the vertical tasting box of Devodier ham means enjoying an experience that requires calm, and attention and needs to be remembered.

The vertical must be enjoyed from lowest to highest curing time to discover the evolution in taste of one of the most sophisticated and complex aroma profiles of salumi. The natural, delicate, and long curing time of Devodier ham creates unexpected scents, which deepen over time, originating a creative blend which is each time unique.

The red fir wood is unaltered since the building of the historic cellars and accompanies the hams in the curing, controlled one by one to achieve the perfect finish. The long curing time is not a benefit per se but becomes a magical process when the curer understands the potential of the piece and with the utmost care and experience brings it to the right finish, when flavours reach a perfect balance and the product can best express its complete aromatic range in a delicate balance.


Discover the complex flavours of the Ham Vertical.
Fall in love with the exquisite sweet flavour of the 24 months ham and its buttery fat, then move to the intense aroma of 30 months, both elegant and crystalline; finally take another step towards the discovery of the full royal taste of 36 months. With these long curing processes, the Devodier Ham, handled calmly and with passion by the expert curer, expresses and creates new flavours reaching aromatic complexities unexpected each time.

Abeti Rossi® is the label identifying the 24-Months Devodier Ham and is named after the fir wood used for the frames in the “Ancient Cellars” where the hams are cured.
Back in the day, the traditional processing of a quality dry-cured ham required using wood frames. These tall frames carved from the healthiest and sturdiest firs accompanied the classic and delicate ham in its long curing, enveloping it with their warm aroma of resin and wood. Today the classic frames have almost disappeared, replaced by cold steel racks, but it is not the case for Devodier “Ancient Cellars”! We wanted to preserve our old and dear red firs , to ensure they preserve our hams under their kind eye, accompany them in the slow, long and silent curing, enriching them with unmistakable and characteristic notes, all the way to your table. A unique curing environment for at least 24 months, the best Italian meat, a skilful handmade production, and the complete absence of preservatives: the secrets of our dry-cured ham. You should close your eyes while tasting and savouring this product, to travel to the “Ancient Cellars” of red firs.

Tartufo Rosa® e is the label identifying the 30-Months Devodier Ham and is named after the truffle because it is as precious and gradually evolves in underground cellars near water springs.
From the best Devodier cellars originates a true treat for connoisseurs, an emotion to discover: Pink Truffle, top-end naturally dry-cured ham in “Ancient Cellars” for at least 30 months, cultivating the deepest taste and aroma.
The 30 months ham is a benchmark in the Devodier range, ham cured on fir wood frames in the refined Secretum cellar, the most award-winning, completely underground cellar. For more than 60 years it has been reserved for only the finest finishes and has been able to mark a unique signature on each product. A line with a highly structured and full-bodied aromatic intensity in which the taste of classic long curing and the ever-present sweetness elegantly entwine.

Eccellenze Devodier® is the label identifying the 36-Months Devodier Ham, where the finest elements of aroma and taste achieve high intensities, with excellent contrasts that don’t go unnoticed.
A limited edition for demanding gourmets. The complex aspects and the strong elegance of its taste are given by the last six months of curing, done in the frames of our best cellar.
Curing above water springs provides natural moisture and in these long finishing processes brings to the surface and sublimates the most hidden flavouring, creating a bouquet of aromas and flavours with unique and fascinating complexity.
A captivating and unforgettable experience for ham lovers.
This product originates from a personal collaboration with one of the greatest Italian masters of contemporary art, Alfonso Borghi. He painted the exclusive patented luxury case for us.