The Devodier family, of ancient tradition from Parma, has seasoned ham for generations using the experience gained during every phase of the working process: breeding, butchering, and curing. Our history dates back to the eighteenth century: let's look at it together.

devodier storia

"Since I was a child, ham has always been my passion.
At only 5 years old, my parents gifted me with my first robe and apron to grease the hams. Since then, I’ve never stopped."

devodier 1700

The Origins

Always inextricably linked to the territory of Parma, our family has worked in the meat sector since the 1700s, starting with the breeding of livestock

Our territory
devodier 1800

Specialization in Quality Butchering

In the 1800s our family began the activity of butchering, which was already based on excellence. The first awards won for high quality butchering date back to 1897 and 1899.


Salumi processing

In the early 1900s, following the natural evolution of the industry, the family began working the Salumi, thanks to centuries of tradition and a complete knowledge of the raw material.

devodier 1900
devodier 1950
The ’50s

Following a dream

In the 1950s, Enrico Devodier decided to follow his dream: he moved from the city of Parma to its surrounding hilly area, where he built the ancient cellars that still act as the inimitable core of the current factory. He chose with clairvoyance an exceptional location, a place particularly suited for ham curing, with the aim of offering the market a ham with the highest possible quality.


Strong intuition
and the birth of a legend

On April 18, 1963 Enrico Devodier, together with other ham producers of Parma hills, founded the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma. The consortium brings together several producers, everyone with their own cellar and special curing and imposes common minimum processing rules in order to guarantee quality standards, origin, and a territorial identity of the product. A visionary idea, which has originated one of the best known, sought-after, and appreciated Italian PDO product of the world.

devodier 1963
The ’80s

The Development

The 80s were characterised by great research and process development. Every step, from the production and selection of the raw material to the final curing, was studied and refined to let the products reach their highest potential.

The ’90s

The rediscovery of
fine traditional products

In the 1990s, two other quintessential products were added: the dry-cured shoulder (Spallaccio), processed using the front hock of the pig and the Culatta, processed using the heart of the ham. Both products are made by adding only salt, to enhance the flavour of the meat and to maintain a natural product.

devodier 1990
devodier 2000
The 2000s


The 2000s are studded with numerous and important awards, testifying the consistent excellence always offered over the years to loyal customers. Within a selection of 1000 Italian Salumi, Gambero Rosso rewards all of Devodier's production by assigning the seal of excellence to two products (only 29 at national level): the 30-month dry-Cured Ham Secretum and the Culatta Emilia and giving the highest rating (Tre Fette) to the dry-Cured Shoulder. "The l’Espresso Guide honours the 24-month dry-cured ham with the award as Italian Excellence”. The company is also the first to be included in the guide Il Golosario and is named as one of the 4 best artisanal food companies in Italy by a jury made up of Intesa San Paolo and Mercato Metropolitano.


At the forefront of innovation

In 2007 the company made another leap forward with the opening of the artisanal slicing plant. Through the combination of artisanal experience and modern techniques, the plant offers a complete range of excellent cold cuts from Italy and Parma, all laid by hand in the trays. In terms of innovation, the process of technological improvement and research continues today, leading the company to register several exclusive patents.

devodier 2007

First steps towards exportation

In 2012, after consolidating a strong position in Italy, the company opened up to export, where the demand for quality products is increasingly growing. The first but quick steps allowed Devodier to expand from Europe to the USA, Asia and Australia with increasing demand and international recognition


The dream continues

In 2017 the company was the first promoter of a new project to safeguard and nurture a classic production. It engages to support, together with 20 other companies, the collective brand of Culatta Emilia. This is the final recognition of the traditional local production of Culatta, which today aims to become a increasingly well-known quality brand.

devodier 2017
devodier 2019 altatutela


After years of work and thanks to a collaboration and knowledge of the supply chain, which have never been so strong, in 2019 the company launch a virtuous supply chain project: the development of three lines focused on the fundamental pillars of the evolution of the sector: the environmental sustainability, strengthened standards of animal welfare and the renewed research of the consumer for healthy and traceable foods. The three High-Care supply chains are Welfare Animal, Antibiotic-Free and Organic.

High care Line