Quality means sustainability

For us, quality always comes first. Even when it comes to respect for people and the environment around us. We have therefore implemented a comprehensive corporate sustainability process, a virtuous circle of initiatives that involve all areas of our company.


Large system of photovoltaic systems on all corporate offices with a total renewable energy production of approximately 580 kW;

Hot water production system using solar panels;

Inverter installation for energy saving on the main production engines;

Use of new energy-efficient motors for production machinery;

Use of low energy consumption led lights;

Heat recovery system for process water;

Enthalpy system for room conditioning optimization;

Presence of double thermal insulation on the external structure and thermal break windows with double glazing;

Window panes equipped with solar control films;

New offices with high thermal resistance windows and insulating thermal coat;

Roof insulation with high energy saving systems;

Assurance of the absence in all locations of hazardous construction materials;

Installazione di macchinari 4.0 ad alta efficienza produttiva per riduzione sprechi;

Processo di dematerializzazione amministrativa e logistica;

Implementazione di supporti logistici riutilizzabili con cicli di noleggio.

The High Protection project
We believe that supply chain cooperation aimed at excellence will be one of the main cornerstones of sustainable development and success in the future. We have therefore decided to enter into a new partnership with the best farmers in our Italian supply chain for the creation of 3 lines with a highly sustainable profile:

Breeding without antibiotics from the 49th day;

Organic dry cured ham;

Animal Welfare.

A step towards the future taken together and fundamental for the continuous sustainable development of the sector in the years to come.

Sustainability also means actively acting to conserve, protect and promote the culture and historical, artisanal and food heritage of our territory, safeguarding its excellence, naturalness and authenticity over time.

Historical company of the Parma ham and one of the original founders of the Consortium of Prosciutto di Parma DOP;

Primary role in the creation and foundation of the Association for the Protection of Culatta Emilia Producers;

Conservation and Protection of Natural Historical Processing Environments;

We support the made in Italy short supply chain and even our non-DOP cuts such as Culatta Emilia, Spalla Cruda and Culatello are made with 100% Italian meat;

All the products of our cellars are naturally aged without the addition of preservatives and flavourings;

In our collection of cold cuts we promote the protection of PDO, PGI products and authentic craftsmanship of the Italian territory.

Important allocation of resources and personnel to the R&D division with some important projects under study on energy optimization, innovation, packaging, digitization, harmonization of production control, production waste reduction, training and 4.0 implementations, energy sustainability and much more…

Implementation of a complete corporate ethics system:

Company mission and founding corporate values in line with the ETI (EthicalTrading Initiative) code;

Presence, communication and implementation control of a corporate code of ethics managed by a representative ethics committee;

Strong synergy with the company's work safety & quality assurance system;

Training plan including ethical requirements;

Certification by external control body;

Guarantee anonymity for suggestions and complaints;

Principles of environmental sustainability as part of the code of ethics.

Sustainability also means receiving important external certifications in order to implement an active process of updating your company system with a view to continuous improvement, both on the quality control system and on the supply chain requirements, but also as a 360° guarantee for all stakeholders:



Legality Rating


SMETA II-Pillar Audit

Antibiotic Free supply chain

Animal Welfare chain

Packaging Disposal Environmental Guidelines