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unique territory ...

To be who you are, you cannot overlook the place you were born. The Salumi story of our family, always dedicated to the selection of the finest pork meat and one of the founders of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, has its roots right in the heart of Parma Valley where the hills meet the bed of its homonymous torrent.

qualità Devodier

...part of an ancient tradition.

Exactly in that unique place the ancient cellars were born, the cornerstone of the Devodier Company, which year after year grew with the territory. There have been many changes and modernisations, yet the deep connection with its origins and respect for a preserved profession have not changed. Let us imagine that the finishing happens in those same cellars, between the porosity of the bricks and the knottiness of the fir frames. Three different environments, three different types of curing for a high-quality product line called The Ancient Cellars. For us, the Devodier family, the high quality of every product must tell the story of Parma with every bite. It is the tradition.

Ancient cellars

100% qualitY

The Parma Ham PDO at High-Care and the Organic Dry-Cured Ham Devodier are products of excellence: they are born in collaboration with our best farmers, rigorously Italian, and from the commitment towards a more sustainable supply chain, which respects the welfare of the animals and of the people.

High care Line

The excellence in processing

There are some fundamental steps that for generations have placed Devodier’s products at the top in the art of Salumi-making.


The well-being of the animal is our priority. That is why we first select the breeders with whom we establish long-standing collaborations based on trust, and then we choose the finest meats.


The fresh product is trimmed to get the best shape for the finished product and most of all the best output for our client.


The meat is expertly seasoned and massaged with a unique salt mixture: the only other ingredient in our products.


To allow the complete absorption of the salt - always the minimum quantity necessary to guarantee its proverbial sweetness - our products rest in cold storage which is periodically checked.


During this phase, which takes place in large aired rooms, the transformation of meat into ham begins, which will allow, once finished, to have a highly digestible and healthy product. The exposed part of the product is covered with a mixture of lard, salt and pepper, called "sugna", essential for modulating exposure and drying of the lean part of the meat.


Now the product is put in the cellars to slowly and naturally cure. In this long and delicate step the product changes and transforms. The aromatic notes became more intense and complex. At this point, the ancient cellars add their signature to our unique products.


The product is “pierced” one or multiple times by the curer in five specific points with a horse-bone needle. A traditional gesture, to assess progress of the product and to “tailor” the perfect curing process.