The Ancient

The line that has brought the Devodier name to the gourmet international stage. Awarded by Gambero Rosso and L’Espresso Guide 2013, it is the result of a careful selection of hams of 20, 24 and 30-month curing that highlights all the characteristics of the three cellars in which they are finished.

Prosciutto Crudo Collezione Antiche Cantine Devodier

For the most refined palates

Ancient Cellar DEL MORNELLO

The perfect cellar for the first finishing, the strongest and most important.

Prosciutto Crudo Intero Mornello Devodier

20 months and more

This cellar called "Il Mornello", is a lively environment encapsulating the breeze of the same name that winds up from the Parma torrent towards the hills. The first finishing takes place in this cellar, the strongest and most important one, which guarantees exceptional products perfect for tradition enthusiasts.

Ancient Cellar 24 MOONS

A step back into the past.

24 months and more

In this cellar the moon dictates the finishing time. There is no rush, excellence demands patience. Thanks to its six-metre depth, its location between the river bed and the marls of the hills, with the long-weathered fir wood framing this cellar, it becomes a small temple of taste.

Guide de l'Espresso 2013

Ancient Cellar SECRETUM

Finally, we move towards luxury.

Prosciutto Crudo Intero Secretum Devodier

30 months and more

A real tiny “dungeon”, to satisfy the senses of our most discerning customers. Completely underground, without windows, where the path ends and the final touch is given to an "aristocratic" product with a never-ending curing. These hams are part of a very limited edition.

Gambero Rosso