Dry-cured means that there’s nothing more than salt. It contains no more than: the authentic, real, and natural. For many of us it is the “mother” of every Parma Salumi. Devodier turned it into a symbol, enthusiasts into a cult.

Spalla Devodier

"A unique product made for connoisseurs"

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From our cellars, the result of decade-long knowledge and passion for Salumi.

Spalla Devodier


A limited-edition gourmet creation with strong character, born from the curing of a rare product of the Parma tradition. Processed using the front hock of the pig, adding only our mix of marine salts, it was perfected to reach a unique, elegant, intense taste capable of leaving a lasting memory.


The unique characteristics of the dry-cured shoulder - we should say - are ennobled and reach complexity peaks that enchant even the most competent palates. The strong sweet taste is counterbalanced by the intensity of its very long curing (from 16 to 24 months) which reveals a sequence of contrasts, new at every bite.

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