Sweet and tempting. The pink slice interspersed with the juicy white fat, its fragrant aroma and light taste have been the mainstays of this perfect ham for more than 50 years.

Prosciutto Crudo Devodier

"Wonderful structure, velvety and moist, and so tender, especially the sweet fat that melts in your mouth."

Gambero Rosso - Grandi Salumi
The Product Line

To give you the widest possible choice, to satisfy every palate, here there are the special lines of our hams.

This is the result of our passion and respect for tradition, the classic dry-cured Devodier’s.
Prosciutto Crudo Collezione Classica Devodier


Take salt and water, add time and a century of knowledge in meat processing: this is how the traditional line of dry-cured hams from our cellars is born, with a sweet taste and unmistakable aroma.

The most awarded hams prepared with age-old curing techniques.
Ancient Cellars
A limited production for discerning gourmets.
Prosciutto Crudo Collezione Eccellenze Devodier


This ham is left to dry up to 36 months for a unique collection dedicated to high-class gastronomy and refined cuisine. Born from the unique co-operation with one of the greatest Italian contemporary art masters. What they call... a masterpiece!

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