Sweet and soft as tradition, the Culatta Emilia is the pride of Devodier’s production and it’s processed as it was before to respect the original flavours.

Culatta Devodier

"It’s so elegant that many other Culatelli pale in comparison: mild on the nose, but full and complex, characterised by floral and citrusy notes, clean on the palate with an unexpected sweetness, perfectly controlled salting, and pleasant secondary aromas."

Gambero Rosso - Grandi Salumi
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From our cellars, the result of decade-long knowledge and passion for Salumi.

Culatta Devodier


Obtained from the same fine cut of the Culatello, the Culatta Emilia is partially covered by its soft rind to adapt to the greater hillside ventilation of the Apennines. The result? A pink slice with an incredibly elegant sweet flavour.

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